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Computer repair, support, and sales, all within walking distance of your office.
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Quest Technologies provide desktop and laptop repair, network and IT support, and one-stop shopping, all from our convenient City location.

If you need on-site support, we can be at your office in minutes. Or drop off your laptop or desktop computer on your way to or from your office, and we'll repair it here in our lab. And if you need any equipment, from computers and flat-screen displays to pendrives and other accessories, please stop in or give us a ring.

Computer and Laptop Repair   Network and IT support

Quest Technologies provide on-site and off-site computer repair and networking services for businesses, schools and residential customers in and around central London.

Whether your computer isnt running as well as it used to, or if its physically damaged, were the computer specialists to turn to for quality and timely results.


We can design and implement a new network, or troubleshoot and maintain your existing one. From your broadband connection, through your router and firewall, all the way to your servers and desktops.

Quest Technologies also provides IT support for your servers, desktops and all other aspects of your information technology.

Computer and Equipment Sales  

Customer Service

We keep many items in stock, and can order anything else you need, including computers, flat-screen displays, networking equipment, and accessories.

Our City location makes it very convenient for you to pick up what you need on the way to or from work. If were working on site, we can bring your purchase with us. You can also have it delivered for a small fee.


Quest Technologies guarantee a fast and professional service to all our customers.

Our overriding commitment to competitive prices, quality personal service and excellent value for money has firmly established us in central London. We value our customers, and constantly strive to improve our service to them. Let us know how we can help you.

Our new web site will be up soon. Thanks for your patience.
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